PEO Solutions

There are currently over 700 PEOs in the market today.  They eps-benefi231-2all focus on outsourcing various services
associated with human resources, benefits, payroll, workers’ compensation and risk management.  Each PEO has a distinct suite of services and those services may vary as to how comprehensive each service is for their clients.  This makes it very complex to evaluate PEOs against each other when a client is looking for a PEO solution.  Foundation PEO Solutions, uses its market knowledge to help their clients navigate through these issues to get the right PEO for their needs.

Below is an abbreviated list of services that a business could outsource through a PEO: Human Resourcesrelated services:

  • There are significant differences in the services that PEOs provide.
  • Below is a comprehensive listing of services from one full-service PEO to give you a sense of the depth and breadth of services that could be provided.
  • The simplest PEO relationship could be a company that is covered for workers’ compensation and has payroll services that include the management of state and federal tax withholdings.
  • The most complex relationship could include the myriad of services listed below.


Complete list of services provided by one full service PEO.