Our philosophy revolves around four key values:


We know that success is never because of just one person. We constantly look to expand our network of experts that help us bring the best quality solutions to our clients.

Welcome New Challenges:

We believe that “change” is inevitable and that to be an industry leader, we need to embrace changes and look for new and innovative solutions for our clients.

Clients First:

We know that if we do right by our clients, we will develop long-term relationships and satisfied clients who will help expand our business. Our business model is based on representing our client’s interests first and foremost.

Knowledge is power:

We believe that our clients are at a disadvantage in trying to select PEO services because the market is so complex. We aim to level the playing field for our customers by providing our expertise to clients to help them find the best deal for their company.

What Drives Us?

We know that the key to success for a business is the ability to focus on revenue drivers. Unfortunately, businesses have lots of distractions that can make them take their eye off the ball. The really successful companies identify certain functions that can be delegated to advisors. We see this with businesses engaging certain specialists “to lean” on for their expertise. Lawyers, CPAs, insurance agents and bank executives are all advisors for these successful companies and allow the business to delegate some activities while still maintaining control over these functions. PEOs have joined this list of advisors and allow businesses to tap into a group of specialists who can effectively and efficiently handle the complexities of the HR, payroll, workers’ compensation and employee benefits functions for a company. There is a very strong business case for bringing a PEO onto the advisor team. Our goal is to help ensure that we find the best member for the team of advisors, so that businesses can focus on the competition and drive profits.


The decision to build a core team of advisors is a foundational decision for the business. It lays the groundwork for long-term success. We believe this foundation is so important, that we made it part of our business name. The stronger the team, the greater chance of success for the business.


We appreciate the opportunity to help you select an important team member for your business and we pledge to provide world-class support to you through-out this process.