FPS Benefits

Because of the complexity of the PEO market, we believe that the scales are tipped against our clients when they try to find a PEO.  We know that Foundation PEO Solutions helps tip the scales back in favor of our clients because we are market insiders who can help clients throughout the entire process from RFP to on-boarding with a PEO.

  • We work for the client:
    We don’t work for a PEO, we work for the client! Because we work for the client, we give objective advice to the client to help them make the best decision for their company. Our clients have the advantage of having a market insider working for them throughout the process when engaging with a PEO. Anyone who has done even a little research of the PEO market will discover how incredibly complex the 700+ PEO market can be to navigate.
  • Time savings:
    Whether it is researching about PEOs on line, meeting with multiple PEO sales representatives, trying to negotiate pricing, or trying to negotiate the contract with a PEO, the time commitment can be significant.  Having Foundation PEO Solutions on board can reduce all of the time required for these activities to a manageable time commitment. FPS can collect all the information needed and engage multiple PEOs.  FPS can conduct the price negotiations for the client. FPS can also aid the client’s legal team with contract negotiations.
  • Fit:
    We know the PEO market.  We know each PEO sounds similar when they present their services to a potential client.  We have the experience to know the real differences between the PEOs and how to match a client to the best fitting PEO for the business type and services required.  With over 700 PEOs, this service is invaluable.
  • Pricing:
    The Client can be sure of getting the right price. If a client were to try to go to the market on their own, how would they know what a fair price for services should be? With our experience, we know what the PEO should be pricing for different services. Additionally, the PEOs also know that we are brokers and that we are sending the RFP to multiple PEOs. The PEOs know they are competing for the client’s business so they must price aggressively. The client cannot create this kind of pricing competition on their own.
  • Industry experience:
    Our industry knowledge is second to none. We know the inner workings of PEOs and how to work effectively with them to price a deal for our clients. Our experience allows us to work on simple solutions or large complex national deals.
  • Confidence:
    Each business needs to know that they have made the best decision for their business. Having an industry insider work with the client at every step along the way, ensures that their confidence is high in all of their decision making and that they have minimized their decision risks.

All of this allows our clients to choose the right PEO, with the right bundle of services, at the right price for their business.