FPS V. Other Brokers

Not all brokers are the same.  There are several different models in the market today and it is important to understand the model that the broker is using and the extent of the services that they provide.  Some brokers only collect information for purposes of generating an RFP to get proposals for their clients.  Some brokers only pass leads on to PEOs and allow the PEO sales representatives to then engage with the business.

Foundation PEO Solutions is different.

We are a full service broker and stay with the client even after they have joined a PEO to ensure the business is satisfied that the PEO is providing proper service.

We are different than other brokers. We actually ran the 5th largest PEO in the country, so instead of coming from the sales rep ranks, we came from Ownership/Management. That gives you several important advantages:

  1. We know the leaders of the PEOs and have our discussions with their executives, not the local sales manager. That means we can move quicker and get better concessions for our clients.
  2. We understand the operations side of the PEO and their internal costs for operating.
  3. We know how the PEOs price their deals and how to get the best pricing for our clients.
  4. We can handle simple PEO requests and we also understand complex and sophisticated clients.

 Here are some important questions to ask of a potential broker:

  • Tell me about your PEO and business experience?
    We believe that the quality of the PEO solution you find will be hugely dependent upon the expertise of the team you use to in the process. Our leadership team has the business and PEO experience to make sure you get the right solution at the right price with the right services. Compare our team’s experience to any other broker in the market!!
  • Do you conduct a needs assessment of the client or do you just price the business with a group of PEOs?
    Some brokers just send out requests for pricing and are solely focused on the lowest pricing.  FPS knows that poor quality can remain long after the sweetness of low pricing is forgotten, so we make sure that pricing and services are considered.
  • Will you represent me throughout the process from proposal through on-boarding?
    Some brokers will stay involved with the client until the PEO is selected, most will not.  We believe that it is important to stay closely connected with our clients until they are on-boarded.  Change is stressful and we want to make sure we help reduce the stress in making the move to a PEO.
  • Will you help me negotiate the pricing?
    Most brokers will act as passive brokers and allow the PEOs to send back a price for the business which is passed on to the client. FPS is actively engaged to help get the costs down for the client.Will you help me negotiate the contract?
    Most brokers do not provide this service.  They allow the client to conduct the negotiations.  While we are not lawyers, and we don’t offer legal advice, we think it is important for us to help the client understand the provisions and so that they can work through their lawyers for the best results.

Most brokers do not provide a simple comparison of the financials across all of the proposals for the client. FPS thinks it is important to ensure that the client has a simple “apples to apples” comparison to make their decision.