FPS Edge

Foundation PEO Solutions is a PEO brokerage firm that makes it easy for a business to choose the right PEO, with the right bundle of services, at the right price. We work with companies, as their broker, to go into the PEO market and find the right match for our client companies.

We focus on simplifying and expediting the process for our clients by leveraging our experience in the PEO industry.

We believe we have a competitive edge over other PEO brokers and other PEO sales representatives when selling PEO services. We have built and tested our process over 1000’s of transactions to find the most efficient model for our clients.

Our edge is our process of fashioning solutions for clients.

  • Understand the solution that the client is looking for.
    We work through our referral partners to identify the needs of our clients. Is the client looking for a full service outsourcing of payroll, HR, WC and benefits? Are they looking for a WC solution? Are they looking for another PEO for better service or reduced pricing? Are they in multiple states or do they operate in just one state? What are their reporting needs? These things are important to find the right PEO solution.
  • Proprietary RFP process:
    We have developed an RFP document that is accepted by all of our PEOs partners.  This means there is consistency with what is sent to each PEO and they are all looking at the same information to price the business.Depending on the services the client needs, each RFP will require different information or reports.  We will customize the RFP so that the PEOs have the proper information to price the services for the client.
  • Send out RFPs to selected PEOs.
    We will use our extensive industry knowledge to select the right group of PEOs (price, fit and services) to send the RFP.  Since we work with the principals at the PEOs, we can usually move from RFP to proposal within 3 days for a simple solution and about 8 days for a complex solution.
  • We are a volume broker:
    Because of the volume of business that we move into PEOs each year, we have high level contacts within the PEOs. These connections allow us to get results quickly for our clients and shorten the length of the negotiations process.
  • Negotiate pricing with the PEOs:
    PEOs know that they are in competition for the client’s business so they are more aggressive in pricing their services. We also collect proposals from interested PEOs and challenge them on their pricing to get the best price for our clients.
  • Simplified format for comparing PEO proposals:
    We have developed proprietary analytics that allow the business to compare each proposal from the PEOs in an “apples to apples” format. The importance of this tool cannot be over-emphasized. The PEO market is complex and pricing is very confusing to customers. Some PEOs bundle prices and others break out costs. Trying to figure out how to compare some proposals can be virtually impossible to industry outsiders.
  • Stay involved:
    We have a “high touch” philosophy which means we are engaged throughout the entire process from the RFP, to the proposal and throughout the on-boarding process.  We do this to make sure the client is pleased with the PEO service from start to finish.

All of this allows our clients to choose the right PEO, with the right bundle of services, at the right price for their business.