FPS V. PEO Direct

Foundation PEO Solutions can reduce the time commitment required to find a PEO compared to a business going directly to several PEOs. When a business decides to pursue a PEO they want to ensure they do their due diligence by pricing several PEOs to get a sense of the market and the pricing and services that each provide. Businesses also engage multiple PEOs so that they can use their discussions with PEOs to help them negotiate for a better deal. This can take a lot of time to accomplish.

Here are some specific challenges that a business needs to be aware of when they decide to go direct to the PEO market.

  • The business will need to carve out a significant amount of time to have multiple meetings with each PEO to describe the company’s current situation, their corporate needs and find out about each PEO and their services.
  • The business will need to work with the sales representative, the sales manager and the PEO corporate headquarters while negotiating various parts of different PEO contracts. The business will also have to spend the time to analyze each proposal so that they can reference these proposals in the negotiation process.
  • The business will need to compare each multi-page proposal from each PEO that submits a bid for the business. This can be very time-consuming when looking at services and trying to understand exactly what the PEO will be doing for the client. It can also be challenging when comparing pricing, since there is no standard method for pricing PEO services.
  • The business will need to navigate the contracting process on their own.

Working with Foundation PEO Solutions instead of going direct to PEOs provides you with 3 important benefits

  1. We save you time! Have one meeting with us instead of multiple meetings with several PEOs.
  2. We help you get better pricing! Because we are a broker, PEOs know they are competing with other PEOs, so you get better pricing.
  3. We make comparing PEOs easy! We will provide a side-by-side financial analysis to help you quickly review the numbers.

A FPS broker can help reduce the time and complexity of trying to find a PEO. We can conduct one meeting to collect the necessary information needed by all of the PEOs that we will send a RFP. We can help the company’s legal team with the negotiations process and create a simple format to review and compare the various proposals for the client.

All of this allows our clients to choose the right PEO, with the right bundle of services, at the right price for their business.